NAMM Day 4 - Ask your Questions to the Guest Speakers

Welcome to the official NAMM thread for Day 4, the 28th of January.

Watch the YouTube livestream replays here:

Our program for the day is as follows (all times are in PST):

Tchad Blake

Ann Mincieli

Mike Sabath

Jahaan Sweet

Noah Goldstein

John & Tess Greenham

Jason Parris

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Hi @NoahGoldstein! You’ve had a run of involvement and massive contribution to modern classics like many of Ye’s albums and Frank Ocean’s “Blonde”, among other albums, that have been and will continue to be held up as the greatest musical feats of our modern age. I’m wondering if you have any advice for aspiring creatives on how to tackle various fields of music like mixing, mastering, recording, songwriting, arrangement, production, etc, as you do, in such a way that doesn’t create an overwhelming sense of pressure in the variety of tasks to be done, and maybe some processes that have helped you greatly throughout your many projects. Thanks again!

@Tchad_Blake Hi, Tchad! Arranging in Peter’s Gabriel songs is multilevel and have hundreds of elements and items. As I know, if arranging have a lot of elements, some elements need to be muted, that keep it simpler and not overloaded. What do you think about it? How to mix songs with a lot of elements in arranging? Regards, Vlad.

@Jahaan_Sweet hi! I’m a massive fan of the sample creation you’ve done especially with the ethereal pianos on Travis Scott’s MAFIA or the almost-resonating, blaring low-choirs in FE!N. any advice for producers on how to streamline their workflow and more accurately create samples they hear in their head and get them in a DAW quicker? Thanks again!

@Tchad_Blake big fan of your ITB approach and your work with Arctic Monkeys. What tips might you have for really dialling in a misbehaving electric guitar recording with very mid-high screechiness and occasional piercing frequencies, and maybe the usual tools or techniques you use to clean up guitars before you leave your signature sound on them. Thanks a ton, keep rocking🤙

@JahaanSweet Yo what’s good brother! Wanted to ask you about your experience working on “REINA” by Mora & Saiko. How was that record created? How did it come about? And your go to plugins for sounds? Respect to you bro. Orlando and Puerto Rico in da house!

How important is music theory/notation and studying chord inversions/voicings, etc. for creating hit songs?
How can a producer that isnt so fluent with music theory/chords and can only play keys be able to make hit records?


What are your fav plugins and VST’s and sample libraries? Do you do things most of the keys and instruments using hardware or using software?


What do you think got you to the point you are today? If it’s hard work - hard work doing what? Did you have any routines or pratices you do or something that you think you did that helped you get to this level of success?

@MikeSabath hello mike!! how do you feel about working with artists to create a specific sound or vision for their music?

@MikeSabath have you ever faced a creative block when producing or writing music? and how do you overcome that?

@Tchad_Blake whats the one thing you would change about the industry…

@Tchad_Blake Hi Tchad, thank you for sharing your experiences, appreciate so much! Do you sometimes receive Projects where you feel the production has not opened the full potential of the song, but the producer is kinda happy with what’s already there? How do you deal in such cases?

@NoahGoldstein What’s good brother! I would like to ask you how was “TUYA” & “DESPECHA” by Rosalia created? How is it working with producers like Chris Jedi & Gaby Music? You guys are always working together, and I admire the art you guys create. Puerto Rico in the house!

@Ann Mincieli How do you deal with different stereo synths and piano sample libraries that don’t sound very good when listening in Mono? Is there a method you use to ensure those types of sounds don’t get lost on different playback systems? Thank you!


What are the top 3-5 tips you have for producers?

I believe the first few hours of the stream are missing in the final video upload. Is there a way for this to be fixed if possible? No worries if not.


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