Philosophy behind the effect tracks

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the inspiring and informative video.

You talked about your effect tracks that allow you to quickly try out different effects on different elements of the mix.

Do you always start with the same effects as a template? If so, which are your go to’s?

Or do you create new specific effect tracks for each mix?


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hi mark.
i have a few favorites but try to keep it random also…usually some kind of amp feeding a dly or verb. will rarely use a preset!
so something like PRO-Q INTO SANS AMP INTO DVERB. removing all high end above 5/6k and low below 200hz…


Hi Tom!
Recently i´ve been experimenting a lot with effects trying to create a unique moment in my productions
My question is, Which ones are your favorites effects? or can you give me an advice to keep trying new ideas please?
PD: Thank you so much, you really inspire me a lot, greetings from Chile!