Bass sounds that are controlled and massive

Hi Tom, the Bass sounds in your work have a very rich and deep tone that’s always solid. How do you get such great subs , and also such a massive, controlled and broad bass sound without having it weigh down the record or slow it down? Are you often taking away the 110 hz to 150 hz range to reduce boominess and crowding? Thanks

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so bass is tricky and over the last decade SUB has become a huge factor in modern mixing. when i started there were never subs in control rooms. my set up now is ATC 50s with two ATC subs…they must be calibrated and work in you room or as your aware it can get crazy muddy if out of alignment. i really like low end and because i don’t mix that much top 40 i get to let more low end come through. its my taste but its always going to fit with producer/artsists needs,
my manley vari mu has a HP filter on a sidechain so im not compressing anything too drastically below 90hz…
hope this helps


Awesome Tom, thanks. Are there any tools that help you keep the volume on bass so consistent and locked in that you could share?
Dynamic eq or limiting?
Thanks again for your inspiring work !