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I noticed on most of the videos on the platform, music and mixes playback in full stereo with the videos. I would like to do the same when I broadcast live videos or reels on Facebook, Tik Tok or social media platforms. My question is, how do you get those tracks to playback in full stereo or Atmos along with the video? Do you use a direct patch, a Dante subscription or some other technology to get them to playback in stereo with the video? I am learning Dante and it might be possible to create a subscription for this but I am not sure Can you give me a bit of information on this?

Hi Joanne,

Thank you for your question.

Whenever we record audio for our videos, we take it directly from the DAW of the guest speaker. Most of the times it is Stereo but as you mentioned, we are able to do ATMOS or 5.1 for film scoring videos for example. We are able to playback most audio formats through our video player on the website.

However on social media it is totally different because your audio and video will be converted and compressed by the platform you upload on. TikTok, YouTube & Instagram support stereo if you will upload stereo. They do not from my knowledge support surround sound or ATMOS. Expect a slight decrease in quality when you upload on these platforms anyway.

I hope this helps.

Thank you!

The MWTM Team.

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So do you use a special software for that? Or do you mic it directly?

We use a laptop on set to record the output of the studio. We only mic directly the guest speaker talking and instruments where needed.

Thank you!

And do you upload it as an Mp3 or .WAV file and edit that in to the video? What about live streams?

Hi Joanne and MWTM,
I am now using a SW that allow me to re-route my audio outputs either through a loopback or through a different HW ou SW.
This SW is called LOOPBACK and you chech it here: Rogue Amoeba | Loopback: Cable-Free Audio Routing

Hope it helps.


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