Your Time With Atmos

Greetings Sylvia!

I’m curious how mixing in Atmos has impacted you. How has it

  • changed how you listen to music,
  • empowered you to make artistic and creative choices, and
  • evolved your approach to stereo mixing?

Thanks for taking the time to participate in the MWTM community and cheers from South Wales, NY, USA!



Hi Chaz!
Currently the only way for an average consumer to hear an immersive mix is to use headphones. As soon as it is adapted to autos I think the panorama for the mixers and creatives will change. Atmos seems like the perfect progression of technology for enjoying music. Its as close as humanly possible to being on stage with the musicians, and a creative artist can completely absorb the listener into the sound. Literally immerse them into the music. Its very exciting. We set up our studio for Atmos mixing as soon as we could, and have bumped along with everyone else on how to properly mix in this new format and how our clients can listen to it. But now we wait for everyone else to catch up.

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Thanks so much for your time, Sylvia! :slight_smile: