Rap vocals / music leveling

Thanks for doing this, again … great video as always.
At this stage I am quit sure that I`m able to recognise a Jaycen Joshua mix just by ear!

I`ll try to keep my questions short:

  1. Rap vocals
    Do you treat rap vocals different or do you use the normal “aux” chain and add a compressor first directly on the track? I find that the “El Rey” with approx 1db of GR does not give the vocals enough attitude so I tend to use a dbx160 or 1176 directly on the track first.

  2. Music leveling
    For “the BOOM/Drums” you use rcomp/shadowhill to indicate levels. Do you use rcomp on the music aux to indicate the same?

  3. rcomp
    Do you use the same “mastering technique” with rcomp on the master bus prior to the god particle sometimes?

  • Rap/Hip-Hop