Rumbling within the drum kit

Andrew, as a mixer do you prefer that the actual recorded snare is tight and snappy, and a snare sample can take care of length if needed, or does it not really matter?

Everything matters unless it doesn’t! I’d love the drums (or anything) to be recorded the way it is supposed to sound. That means the character that everybody is used to hearing and have been overdubbing to is there, not that it wouldn’t still need mixing.

I answered a question above with a lot of thoughts about snare length so check that one out. If a sample is needed then I use a sample, but never as a rule.

The title of your post is about rumble in the drum kit, which unless that’s a reference to “rumble in the jungle” I’ll answer. I use the de-esser in the OmniChannel in the low mids a lot. And I mean a lot! It’s great for cleaning up tom bleed, etc.

Thank you Andrew!! The “rumble in the drum kit” was something you mentioned while going thru the smashing pumpkins track. And it really caught my attention. I never thought about using a de esser for cleaning up Tom bleed. Thank you for your help!!