Separation and clarity in the mix

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I am fairly new to professional mixing and just starting out my career. I was wondering how I can develop into the right direction of style. I listened to album Essentials from Erika de Casier and I am always stunned by the clarity, depth and separation.

Is there a specific course here on MWTM that explains how to achieve a mix like that? Or does the community have tips for a beginne on what to bring my attention to?

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P.S. my favorite tracks on the album: puppy love, do my thing, the flow


Hi Anchi -

Welcome here and to your new career! Wow that record is certainly a good target, beautiful album.

My .02 cents are - 1) listen over and over and toggle back and forth from stereo to mono and 2) the beauty of like that first track is either in the recording of the instruments and/or sounds selected 3) production and arrangement was well thought out 4) find out who worked on that and learn from them - the producers.

Otherwise, all I can say is MWTM is endless, you can start watching mix breakdown videos from folks like:

Jimmy Douglas
Al Schmidt
Kevin Davis
Josh Gudwin
Rodney Jerkins
Neil H. Pogue
Phil Tan
Kuk Harrell

Those all come to mind listening to this album - years and decades of knowledge to mine right there.

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Go here and dig into a mind of one of them:


Found this great article on the team involved with Erika’s music -

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I think in any artistic field, doing great work comes from a combination of absorbing influences and experimenting. Listen to those songs/albums you think sound great, let your subconscious soak it in. MWTM is the perfect place to find ideas to experiment with, but you have to spend the time on your own, trying stuff and hearing how sounds react to different processing. Be patient, enjoy the process and the journey, that’s what will ultimately allow you to develop what people refer to as “great ears”. At the end of the day that’s just you knowing what you like and how to create it.

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