Best mentor advice?


I was wondering if you had a moment in your career that a mentor taught you something that changed your mixing philosophy into what it is now?

I’ve adopted your multi-bus philosophy, as well as the way you mix into vocal compression, and I’ve had a much easier time getting vocals to sound great doing that! I appreciate all the videos you’ve done on here and PureMix, as they’ve really helped me become a better mixer.


Hi Ryan

Those moments of mentorship came in the first few years of my career as i was learning my craft at MediaSound studios in NYC. Michael Delugg taught me all about compression and Harvey Goldberg taught me just about everything else. Clearmountain was also a huge influence as was Tony Bonjovi. I couldn’t have had a better group of brilliant engineers to learn from, They all had different approaches to recording and great interpersonal communication skills with artists, musicians and producers.

I truly learned from the best and I picked my favorite traits and recording techniques from each one and compiled them into my own approach.
Unfortunately (for the most part) this kind of long term mentorship no longer exists because most studios no longer have staff engineers. They only have staff assistants.

That is why I co-founded MWTM with Max and Victor so that engineers like yourself and others would have access to me and my friends via week long seminars, educational videos and other formats.