SPL monitors calibration

Hi, John! First of all - thank you for your time for our questions.
I founded recording/mixing studio last year (control room on photo). But now I faced with issue of right Gelenec 1032’s SPL calibration for mixing. How to do it right way? By white of pink noise or what? On what RMS level? Which SPL is better for long time mixing whitout ear fatigue.
Regards, Vlad.

This is a pretty involved question, and does not have a standard for music (for film it most certainly does). Would recommend (best practice) 79dB and pink noise for a mix level. Glad to see ear level monitoring configuration - kudos - and of course baffled is always preferred - eliminates SBIR - congrats!

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Thank you! 79 Db while all mixing time or just for short-time checking?