TGP loud hiss noise

Anyone experimenting a very loud hiss noise with the god particle plugin in the mix bus??
Im using the default preset as Jaycen uses it but it makes a loud hiss noise

no it will def reveal things going on that you gotta fix though

No this should definitely not happen. If you’re sure that the noise is coming from TGP and not another one of your plugins please reach out to Cradle support so they can look into this bug!

thanks jaycen! i fix it turning ON the side chain audition button (SC Audition) on the TRACKSPACER you have in ALL MUSIC. I hope that doesnt alterate the function of the tracksspacer! or could affect it?
Also I have that trackspacer with side chain to the ALL LEAD L. as I understood should be? :slight_smile:

In the ALL BASS I have the trackspacer with the SC botton OFF and without sidechain to ALL DRUMS or KICK because I guess that function is making it the SOOTHE2 Im I right?

Thank u so much!