After The God Particle

Hi Jaycen thanks for doing this!

my question is do you ever feel the need to put things after TGP for more loudness?

I have a mix right now that I felt needed more after it and I love the way it sounds at low and normal listening levels but when I crank the volume listening back on different devices it sounds to amped what do you think my problem is? Thanks

The God Particle is always the only plugin on my mix bus. If you’re hitting the indicators correctly and still putting something after TGP (with the limiter on), you might be able to get louder but you’re definitely going to be squashing the shit out of your mix. Thats probably why its sounding too amped and squashed. If you’re sitting anywhere from -8 to -6 LUFS with TGP only, you’re doing pretty good

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Oh copy that! Thanks gonna try to re approach it with the new teachings and that in mind!! :raised_hands::pray: