Viva La Vida (Death & All His Friends)

This album has always mystified me and I find there isn’t a lot of available content on its production. The band created something so different from their prior 3 major releases. I read somewhere that Markus Dravs likes to use stock plugins from Logic which is such a win for those without access to gear financially. What were some key techniques and approaches to this project?

Hi Tom
I’m not sure what Markus may have used when he was recording. Rik Simpson prepped the sessions for me and I’m pretty sure every plugin under the sun was used! I came in at the end so i’m not aware of what approaches they took in the recording and production. I mixed most of the songs but Andy and a couple others also had mixes on the record. My approach has always been the same, build my mix around Chris. I’d find the most complex section in the song and mix that first. Once I had that feeling great, I’d go back to the start of the song. This made it much easier for me to know where the peak of the song dynamically occured. I could easily build up to it from the start. They were huge track numbers so trying to keep it sounding simple and focused was always a “fun” challenge. As always, my Brauerize approach helped alot in getting each song as emtional and dynamic as possible.