Analog mixing questions for Chris

Hi Chris,
I’m your big big fan from China!!! I want to ask you some specific questions about your analog mix:

  1. When you start mixing, do you set every channel on the console to EQ before COMP by default even if you only use EQ?

  2. When you use filter on your console, do you usually push the “SPLIT” button?

  3. Most of your LVs are compressed using only your 1176 hardware or 4000e COMP + 1176? Cuz a lot of rock you’ve mixed are harder and solider, and some country LVs are bigger and softer (Not about gain reduction). Or maybe you use reverb & delay to achieve that?

  4. Do you usually add any reverb on Green Day’s or anyone’s distorted rhythm guitar? If you do, which one and what reverb type do you prefer (hardware) ?

  5. When you get a “LV” and a “LV double”,do you sum them into one bus to treat or treat them separately?

  6. When you use your API EQs to treat snare and kick, is it before your 4000e EQ&COMP? And your Manley is after your 4000e EQ&comp right?

  7. What do you use Distressor for? Snare and kick? When do you decide to use it? You don’t use Neve 2264 when you use Distressor mostly right?

  8. I almost watched all your episodes and videos, seems like you don’t add reverb on your “tape slap” mostly but “American Dream”, is that true?

Love all of your works and keep learning from you! My mixing hero!
Thanks for your time! :wink:

Best regards,