Vocal panning automation in verse?

Hey Jack! I noticed the panning of matty’s verse vocal double was being automated! what was your intention for doing that in the song? Thanks!

Hey Austin

Well noticed, there’s a bit of pan automation in verse 2 slowly bringing the double tracked vocal from 80% to 50% (see attached).

Interestingly, the lead vocal in the verses is central and the double is off to the right (there’s no mirror image on the left, which would be the ‘normal’ way to do this). I think when we first heard this panning we liked the slightly disjointed feeling of not having all the vocals in the centre.

The movement feels like an extension of that and it also pulls the vocals more central for the pre-chorus before the chorus opens everything back up and widens the track again.


Oh wow that makes sense, love that you all only did one double vocal! thanks for the response!