What keeps you interested? And going? What is that like for you?

Hi Jaycen. You know our appreciation for you and mine specifically. And, I always wonder this and something I notice is -

With the focus so much on GP. What keeps you excited otherwise? You used to have things like an “effects team” and that spirit of being in a studio environment or even at your own place now, and discovering or inventing new things vs just the innovation poured into GP or benefits it gives you to forgo gear dependency. Or if that all sounds boring - if you could answer with all honesty, where is this all going in your opinion? And or is it becoming so homogenized and just too many people wanting to be in this part of the industry now, has it become pretty route?

Fueled somewhat by someone throwing you on the ridiculous AI panel somewhere…

Anyhow love and appreciate your uniqueness. I know many believe in what you give and how you give it.


Dayz / David Kovach

ps - god particle is an utter gift for us, not a plugin, thanks as always :pray:

I am truly focused on every mix like never before. I’m always looking for an elevated sound. Changing or at least tinkering with my template all the time. I’m always searching for something better. I’m also hyper focused on my plug in company. Orion has a lot of my attention these days.

The second part of your question is a bit subjective but I hear you.


Thanks for this reply @Jaycen_Joshua … I had a rough end of the year and hadn’t gotten back to this - so thank you.

And actually my question was so jumbled as it got deleted and I tried to recreate it so I appreciate you working through it.

Thanks for your session yesterday too, the mention of “the effects team” again clarified that part of my jumbled question above :wink:

Also, wanted to add - it’s not a software company you are building - it’s a:

A Game Changer Company
Beyond analog. Beyond software.