[Winner Annnounced] Submit your track for a chance to have it mixed by Chris Lord-Alge!

Submit your track for a chance to have it mixed by Chris Lord-Alge!
There is an exciting new opportunity to place your track in an upcoming video series with the Grammy award-winning engineer. In the spirit of community, we are inviting members to submit their work for a chance to be highlighted in one of our official videos.

To apply, simply upload your productions or rough mixes to this thread. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, May 26.

Formats allowed: YouTube, Samply, Spotify, SoundCloud etc.
No Local Downloads such as WeTransfer.

Please note that sonic perfection is not a requirement. Technical defects are part of the learning process and will be seen as opportunities to learn and grow. Popular vote will play a significant role in the selection process, so we encourage you to like or comment on your favorite submissions. Any featured artists or personnel must consent for their track to be used in the video presentation.

Chris will mix the chosen track during an upcoming studio session in Paris. This mixing session will be filmed and released as part of an official series later this year.

Submissions are now open! We look forward to hearing your work.


“Someday” is a song I wrote 1 year ago, the day my best friend passed away from a four year battle with cancer. After four days of hospice care and watching his wife Kari handle everything with such grace, this song flowed out of me. Thank you for your consideration, John

John Carta


“All Your Voices” is a new track off Vancouver indie rock band Pinebarrens upcoming second album

Hi Chris,

Hope you’re doing well. Here is the rough/working version of a track called Bluebird slated for my upcoming record. It’s a bit of an atypical genre for a CLA-type mix, but maybe that’s a good thing.

Session is ready to go.

All the best and thanks,
Jon from Canada

Hello All! I would love to be considered for this mix!

Hate Songs by Eager Sails

Martes de Lluvia

Martes de Lluvia (or “Rainy Tuesday” in English) is a song I wrote a long time ago and just recently released. It talks about how hard times don’t last forever and how we can make something good out of them. This is a soft rock song, heavily inspired by The Beatles and their solo projects. It includes guitars, strings, voices, drums, bass, flutes, among others. I really wanted to have a huge wall of sound in this song.

Radiohead-style rock song complete with ebow and saxophone. Would be honored to have you mix it! I consent to my track being used in the video presentation! Stems are available.

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Hi Chris. Hope you ate fine. Here is the link for the song I like you mix is this session. Thanks. António Rodrigues.

“Nights Like Last” is our first song that we recorded & mixed ourselves. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for listening!

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Hello, Here’s the submission: https://youtu.be/GprXepRx3lc?si=lUkDZVB2LXwNaqNu


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Hi Chris
Just wanted to submit a track for a chance to use it in your class.
Thank you

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:fire: :fire: :fire: Big CLA Rock Chorus In this One :fire: :fire: :fire: :metal: :singer: :rocket: :wink:

:boom: :boom: :boom:Or Maybe Perhaps Possibly This One :boom: :boom: :boom: :metal:

Would be super cool to see what he does with the live drums in here :wink:

Hi there, happy to submit a track (song I wrote and produced with the help of some fine musicians) which I struggled hard to mix, so I assume CLA can only make it sound so much better :wink:

Hi Chris,

How can I pass on the opportunity to have one of my songs mixed by the best?! Here is a rocker called WICKED WAYS!



Stand Up Straight

Thanks for your consideration! This would be a dream come true :slight_smile:

Thanks for this opportunity! Submitting Philmac “Live My Life”: https://on.soundcloud.com/sDVoohhx1nk6WSAR7

I wish everyone good luck!


Hi Everyone!

Here’s an early stages rough mix for my band’s track ‘How To Lose The Game’ for your consideration. Recorded to a click. Includes Live Drums, Bass, Guitars, Acoustic Resonator and Vocals with some programmed synths. No Time or Pitch correction used, so it’s perfect to demonstrate a mix that you may get from a tracking session, plenty to get stuck into.

Thanks for the opportunity, good luck to all the other submissions!

Here is my entry. I made these songs with my friend a long time ago. Initially, I didn’t have the skill to mix them, and later, I didn’t have the time to make them properly. So, they are still unpublished. It would be awesome to have a “premiere” in your official video presentation!

All The World Is A Stage (english)

Du Weist Nich Wer Ich Bin (german)

Best wishes!