3D Sound - From Dolby to Stereo

Hi Jaycen.
Great knowledge in this video series! Thanks

My question is a little bit off topic but since you mentioned in the video I was wondering if you could explain how you achieve the effect of putting a sound around someone’s head. (you talked about something that was “imported” from Dolby Atmos to stereo)

I was fascinated by the thought and would like to know how you achieve it and to which moments you reserve it.

Thank you very much,

Hi Erik! Can you give me the time stamp you’re talking about?

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Hi Jaycen! I have the same question like Erik. You are talking about it in Part 4, 16:10.


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Exactly there David8.

I think if you listen to Doja Cat’s - Paint the Town Read, you may hear what you are asking about.
In this track, Doja’s vocals are extreamly prominant, everywhere, all the time.

Thanks for asking, Erik. I have the same question.