A mix for CLA to review

Hi CLA! I would love feedback on what I did “right”, what to do different and what to improve upon. The song is a cover and is available as an unlisted video on YoutTube: https://youtu.be/MZLlvWFGHLA

Hi Edvin !.. What you did right ! I actually mixed the original in the 80"s Vocals , guitars , drums and bass really good ! even the funny phaser delay stuff !! the whole mix is really compressed hard or limited…so it eats up the cymbals which i dont hear very well in the mix… just think about pulling back on the overall bus compression and let it breathe !!! CLA

You were not credited?? In my old vinyl of “Ready an willing” says it was mixed by Martin Birch and in my old vinyl of “Slip of the Tongue” says it was mixed by Mike Clink & Keith Olsen.

Whitesnake has done many different versions of a lot of their songs and with different engineers, so could depend on which version you’re checking

Thank you so much for your feedback! Tbh I didn’t know that you had mixed it, but go figure :metal:

Correct, but In my post I listed the oficial albums were the versions of that same songs are included…