CLA Mix feedback [heavy rock]

Hello Chris,

Greetings from Poland, I hope you are doing well at the beginning of 2023!

I really love your mixing work, and always use it as a reference.

Here is a rough mix I’ve done for a producer and a band I’m currently working with. It was done to have a check before final vocal recordings. Vocal track used here comes from the demo session and it lacks some BV’s.

Sorry for sharing unfinished project, but I was curious about your opinion, especially as this was a first time for me to mix on an analog console.


HI Peter ! i can hear the analog sound its great for that…vocal is buried too low especially in the front…the whole mix is clipping hard on the big spots…post mix limiting ? overall picture is good good work ! CLA

Hey Chris, thank you very much for feedback. I really appreciate the time you have spent to listen to my mix.

If I would get a job of mixing this song for an album I will focus on vocals (the final version) to make it shine.

You are absolutely right with a clipping problem - unfortunately it’s my “poor man’s mastering”. The producer wants rough’s at ‘mastered’ level, so he would be able to compare it with other records.

There should be no excuses but - I should have submitted mix out of console or spend more time on my mastering skills :wink:

Once again - thank you!