Ableton AutoFilter Alternatives

Hi, dear colleagues.
Ableton has recently been updated to a new version and they done some beautiful work with it’s Auto Filter. It sounds really amazing, warm and it reminds me of a real analogue filter similar to the one found in the Playdifferently Model 1 mixing desk or even in the Moogefooger LPF.
Do you know of any other filters that work in ProTools that have such an amazing sound. I’ve tried the UAD Moog filters, and Soundtoys Filter Freak but they don’t quite sound as awesome as the one in Ableton.

Thank you!!

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Fab Filter Volcano 3 has surprised me. Generally, I associate Fab Filter with precision and utility but I’ve gotten many warm and creative tones from this filter. The interface can be overwhelming but it has a good library of presets which are solid starting points for inspiration.