Achieve super wide open electric guitar sound

Hi Jaycen!
Thanks for sharing your wisdom!
I always struggle with guitars! I’m mixing a song similar to “cake by the ocean, DNCE”. Well the artist wants to sound like them. I’m not there yet. So I’m really struggling trying to achieve this super wide open electric guitar sound. The only trick that really works for me and I love is when you have 2 different takes so you put 1 left one right and it sounds amazing and natural but having only one take, what techniques would you use to achieve this super wide open electric guitar sound? It also sounds very clean, natural and modern…
Thank you so much
Wish you the best
Eric Nagel

Try using some of these plugins for different results: Microshift, PS22 Spread, bx_shredspread. Or simply duplicate the take and apply a short room delay 100% wet to it. Then maybe nudge it a little bit so its out of phase with the original, and pan this opposite from the original