Mix Bus and Vocal Compression

Hello Jaycen, first, I want to tell you that I’ve learned a lot from your tutorials, and I really appreciate you sharing your skills with us.

Did I understand correctly that you enter the God Particle with -5 dB?

When it comes to the vocals, I’m not entirely sure I understood correctly. Are you attempting to match the output gain for band 2 and 3 using the McDSP Multiband? If so, do you adjust that with the gain control afterward?

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Hi Ivan,

Yes and no - the limiter on TGP is by default set at 5dB, giving a 5dB boost to the signal into the limiter (or lowering the threshold to -5 with makeup gain, however you want to look at it. Going into the plugin, I’m always aiming to hit my target indicators for the input stage as well as the compression stage.

I use the MC404 as a tone shaper instead of purely controlling peaks. While the GR meters are good indicators that I’m hitting the plugin at the “sweet” spot, It’s almost always done to taste and what the song calls for, as well as the original source vocal. Depending on the song, I usually am looking for anywhere from 2-6 dB average reduction on bands 2 and 3, but they don’t have to be equal. Any more than that and you’re probably going to be over-doing it.


Also - on the input indicator, you can see that I’m going into TGP anywhere from peak -3 to -5 dbfs


Thanks Jaycen,
I hope there will be more videos from you soon