Butterfly- Lit Jones [Leslie Brathwaite Feedback on Mix]

Hey Leslie, I’m a big fan of your mixes! This is a song I recently wrote/produced, with a mood similar to “Feels Like Summer” by Childish Gambino. I’m happy with it for a rough but I’d like to get it in the right hands of an experienced engineer because it means a lot to me.

Thanks, and hope you have time to listen and critique :grin:

- Eliott

I actually think the mix sounds really good and appropriate for the vibe of the song. I personally would focus on the vocals being tuned a bit more. I don’t think they need to be perfect, but a few note bother me here and there.

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Wow, wasn’t expecting that! I will take your word for it and revisit the vocals. Thanks for the feedback! :pray:t4::saluting_face: