Pop song called "Gucci Love" - Leslie Brathwaite feedback

Me and my friends have been working on an album together for the last 4 months and I really wanted to learn how to mix and master so that we could do everything in house. It’s been a rough journey and often feel like I’m not getting anywhere. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Song “Gucci Love”: Gucci Love

I mean this sounds really good. What exactly is making you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere?

Thank you for taking the time to listen and provide feedback, Leslie. I truly appreciate it.

To further elaborate, what’s been most challenging is that there are certain frequencies that sound fatiguing to the ear but when I EQ them out, the overall clarity of the vocals begin to sound dull.
After watching your videos, such as the work you did for “Bongos” and “Money”, you only had a handful of plugins on the vocals, yet they pushed through the mix so clearly.

Overall, I’d be really interested in hearing what you think could make the mix sound better, and how we could improve the vocals we have right now.

Once again, thank you for your time and insight, greatly appreciated!