Colin Leonard on MWTM

I’m I the one here who would love to see Colin Leonard on Mix With The Masters platform??
Cause I heard about him from a lot Mix and Mastering Engineers on MWTM’s and I also discovered he Mastered tons of Hit Songs.
I think it would amazing if we could see how he works.
Maybe we can get this Post to MWTM’s attention and they will try to get in touch with him, that would be a dream!

Yes, this is my big dream too, I am very inspired by this mastering engineer and searched for him several times on MVTM. I’m sure many people liked it

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Hi @Leonardo_Revelant,

Thank you for your suggestion.

We will take it into account.

Please let us know if you would like to see other engineers or producers on the platform.

Thank you very much.

The MWTM Team

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Hello, it would be nice if Manny Marroquin was there.

Greetings Ivan


Yeah also that would be Beautiful :fire:

I think also Mike Dean would be awesome. No one has lessons from him!

+1, the mixing and production material from Mike Dean and the mix with the masters would be legendary

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