Compressor or not in score music mix

Hi Alan,
By watching your videos, I have learned a lot and am very grateful. I would like to ask, how do you view the use of compressors in score music mixing? It’s well known that you are very good at handling low end frequencies, so punch and wonderful.But I notice some mix engineers like Simon Rhodes who seldom use compressors in score music mixing. It may be the difference between a larger picture or more natural sound(or classical sound). I wonder if that’s the key to your choice of using compressors. In my work, I often switch between using compressors and not using them, but the vari-mu is an essential tool for me, although for its color the sound more than compress it.
Finally, thank you so much for sharing your valuable experience over the years, I have benefited a lot from it. I really look forward to having the opportunity to meet you and also to the chance of sharing your templates.

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