Dolby Atmos Volume & Loudness Requirements

Hi Andrew! Are you using any compressors or limiters to help you adhere to the Dolby Atmos volume and loudness requirements? Thanks so much and cheers from South Wales, NY, USA. -chaz

Hi Charles,

Generally I don’t use much dynamics processing when mixing Atmos, but that could just be that, so far, I almost always work off stems of the stereo mix, I’m not going back to the original multitrack. That way the sound and feel of the original mix is baked in, so I don’t need to recreate that part of the mix. If I’m doing an Atmos mix of something I mixed in stereo I might make as many as 50 stems for one song, that way I can do whatever I want with the elements, but they basically all add up to what we’re used to hearing.

Then to get within spec I can just turn things up or down without affecting the sonics.

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Thank you very much for your reply and insight. It is appreciated!