Printing Dolby Atmos for Deliverables Film / Cinema

Hello all,

I wonder if someone could enlighten me on printing final deliverables for film/cinema when mixing in Dolby Atmos. I have taken in all the Alan Meyerson series and understand his session setup pretty well, but printing final files isn’t discussed in detail.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I recently attended his Seminar and from what I recall he delivers Stems (either Quad, 5.1, or 7.1) to the Re-recording Engineer who does the Atmos Mix for Film, he usually works with Ron Bartlett. The number of Stems is defined based on the music and I believe he mentioned that it doesn’t go over 16 Stems, which is still a lot. I think it all depends on how much control the Re-recording Engineer would like to have along with the Director and Composer. It’s all about having a great relationship with them.

Can’t speak for the man himself but those are my two cents from what I recall.


Good insight, thanks.