Drums audio routing

Hey, Tony, first of all, congratulations on your amazing work.

I have a question about the signal routing you do with “drum aux” and “drum bldn”.Is drum aux a group and drum bldn an auxiliary track of that group?

Sorry for the question, but it was something I didn’t understand in the midnight city mix

Thank you :smiling_face:

Hi Eduarda,

Yes, the ‘Drum Aux’ is all of my drums grouping to this aux. The ‘Drum Blend’ aux is a duplicate of the Drum Aux (same inputs as Drum Aux) and I’ll insert a compressor on the blend. That’s essentially what I did on the console when I originally mixed ‘Midnight City’.

When I’m in the box I may have 4 (!!!) separate blends set up this same way. Typically 2 different types of compressors and 2 different types of distortion. Then I blend all 5 tracks together to get the sound I want (clean + 4 blends).


Thank u for the answer :heart::heart: