Jaycen Joshua Drumbus Logic

Hey guys,

I’ve been diving deep into JJ’s drumbus.

I have some issues with my routing. Does anyone have a logic template with his specific template/drumbus?

Would be amazing!

Try this, this is incomplete because I don’t have all the plugins but I think this might be the routing. We can keep this thread and talk about it, I’m also curious to see if I got it right

Link - Mix Template.logicx.zip - Google Drive

I’m referencing FYI - Diagram of Pro Tools & Jaycen's Serial Processing and "Grouping" Feed/Chain and George T Music’s video on it on YT

Try this one instead, sure of this routing: Mix Template FR.logicx.zip - Google Drive

Ey bro, thanks. Sorry for the late reply. Will look into it and get back