Duties of a Manager within a recording studio

So just a general question. What are some of the duties and functions of a studio Manager? Could you walk me through a typical “Day in the Life” if it’s not too much?

I worked in a big studio as an engineer for a few years, the manager typically was answering the phone/emails, booking sessions, quoting projects, handling finances, collecting payments, paying staff, spending time chatting with whoever was there that day (networking, developing relationships), making sure the place was welcoming. We always had many projects happening at once so that kept them busy most of the time.

Hi Joanne /all. Yes Alex is correct.
Answering emails and responding to booking inquiries.
Quoting rates. Scheduling staff assts getting session set ups etc.’
Greeting and welcoming clients. Going over details with runners and front desk staff.making sure food riders etc are all handled. I am also always looking ahead to fill open time in the future. I reach out to repeat clnets find out what they might need as well as contacting new producers & engineers. I look at I tunes , Music Connection and other sources to see who’s an up and coming producer, newly signed bands etc. and make a personal contact inviting them to come tour the studio. I try not to rest on past clinets and am always looking to expand our client base.


Thank you for that information! Can I ask what is iTunes Connection? Is that a Business to Business service?

I think she meant she looks at iTunes, and Music Connection (that’s a well known industry publication, mostly for their ever updated contact databases for just about any type of people you’d want to talk to) Industry Contacts – Music Connection Magazine

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That was a typo
It was supposed to say I look at Itunes to see what’s charting AND Music Connection magazine online to see new artists signings etc.