Finding Sounds, Arrangement and Advice

Hi Mike, I’m a big fan and have a few questions for you!

  1. do you use splice and or other services like splice and how do you find good samples, any good splice packs for music like Hard Out Here and Escapism?

  2. How do you figure out the arrangement for your productions and do you stick to a format most of the time?

  3. I am 15 and wanting to be a producer and or a mixing and mastering engineer, any advise on how to get work for production in particular and how to build from the ground up?

I really appreciate your time in replying to this and would like to say that your work is a real inspiration.

Thanks, Sid

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Well first of all Sid, you’re already doing it at 15 being on here and learning and following what inspires you and asking questions and pushing yourself. That’s beautiful and pretty much the whole gig. If you continue to push yourself and create as much as you can and want to, you’re going to be great. I can feel it and I’m excited for you!

Samples wise, I used to download sounds from splice but over time my friends and I have kinda gathered our samples together to make a big library that we share of things we find on random sites or deals or make ourselves.

Arrangement, I’ve kinda just digested the arrangements of my favorite records all the way from mega pop Max Martin productions to Tyler The Creator records to Kanye to Bee Gees to Michael to Stevie to everything hahah and just from listening to those I feel my body has decided that there are no rules and it really can be arranged however feels good to you. I personally enjoy a banging hook though that repeats but outside of that, anything. Be free with arrangement.

The best advice there is to just work on the craft because once you start to get good enough , people will want to work in some way. And start with the community around you if you have friends who create. Continue to study like you’re doing. Continue to ask questions like you’re doing. Don’t be afraid to send people ideas. I believe in you though. I feel a fire in you. So just keep grinding and before you know it, you’ll be there.


Thank you a lot, really. I appreciate it