"From scratch" mix tutorials

Most videos on MTWM are typically older sessions being deconstructed. I believe it would be tremendously helpful – especially for beginners – to see an entire session being built up from scratch, including all the boilerplate stuff. More seasoned engineers can skip it, but beginners would see how a pro creates a session from raw tracks, sort/rename/color/route/listen …

It may seem obvious, but I’m sure we could all pick up a few nuggets of wisdom when seeing the whole process from beginning to end. We would essentially all be the assistant watching our idol(s) mixing a song for the first time :slightly_smiling_face:


ı couldnt agree more! There are a couple Leslie mixes and a Jaycen one that starts from scratch and they were really helpful.


agreeing with this, would be really useful to see a mix being built up from the bottom

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Hello ! Thank you for the suggestion! We’ll definitely work on getting more of those !

In the meantime, have you seen the ones from scratch by Tchad Blake, CLA, Tony Hoffer, Philippe Zdar, Andy Wallace, Tom Elmhirst, Tony Maserati, etc ?

Happy to recommend some specific existing videos if you tell me more about what you’re looking for !



Thanks for the reply. There’s really nothing specific. I believe it would be enlightening to see the pros open a brand new session and starting from square 1 :slight_smile:


We just shot a couple of those ! Will update you when available.

Also, there is a new video with Jaycen Joshua coming very shortly where he mixes some songs from scratch !


Sweet! Thanks Maxime :grinning:

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Much agreed! I seem to remember this was first designated by “Deconstructing a mix” versus “Inside the mix”. Is it possible to get these distinctions back?