FYI - Diagram of Pro Tools & Jaycen's Serial Processing and "Grouping" Feed/Chain

All over so many forums and boards and sub-reddits related to other DAWs and folks trying to use DAWs without the semi-automagic benefits of Pro Tools Master Fader to setup to do @Jaycen_Joshua processing - so, I ended up making this generic flow diagram of the routing:

It’s amazing the reach his approach has and the discussions and such that are happening on all the topics built into his “cheat codes”…



Hey @Dayz_Kovach,

Thanks for taking the time to put together the routing.
One thing I don‘t get is how the audio tracks are being routed to C Drums but on the other hand are actually going to C Drums M?

Do you mind explaining that part a bit more?

Thank you!

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Hi Luca,

Pro Tools has a unique concept of:

“Master Fader” channel types

You can add Master Faders to Aux or Group type channels which then pickup in the signal flow and control the volume of that bus/aux.

If you don’t use Pro Tools you can do some creative routing and bus tricks in other DAWs to match it exact, tho having some plugins post fader doesn’t necessarily seem integral to the concept.



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