Gain Staging on the Drums Cooking Bus

Hey Jaycen
I had the luck to be part of your panel in Hamburg a few weeks ago. It was awesome to actually see how you approach things and how you use your template. Especially the “Drums Cooking” is what I try to put into my mixes too. I think the idea of getting more power without just turning up the volume is kinda genius. I was wondereing how you manage the gainstaging going into this bus: As far as I got it is basically until you get around 1dB gainreduction on the Shadow Hills Comp on the Drumbus and that`s also the level you use for the “Drums Cooking” Bus right?
thx a lot!

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Hey, what is drum cooking?

Not sure what you mean by the Drums Cooking bus, but yes you are correct about the gain reduction. 1db on the shadow hills is my sweet spot, everything else falls into place around it.

the NLS parallel Bus…

NLS isn’t in parallel.

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yep youre right its a master bus