Hello Laura - questions about vocal recording

Hello Laura, I hope you’re having a great day! :slight_smile:

I’ve been a fan of your work for a long time and I’d like to ask you a few questions if possible.

  • I’m wondering what are the steps to record such clean and silky smooth vocals? (If there are specific techniques e.g. vocal chain, on axis or off axis recording, distance from the mic etc)
  • I’m also wondering how do you get such good and upfront backing vocals (doubles and harmonies) that complement the main vocal without being phasey?
  • Lastly what are your favorite recording - editing - mixing tips and tricks?

I wanted to add that the vocals you record sound incredible, they are the best for me.

I cannot wait to learn a little about your fantastic work, thank you very much!

Happy Holidays!

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Hey there! Thanks so much that’s so kind of you <3

  1. I can’t answer without first saying that I’m lucky I get to record great singers with great mic technique. Generally I record singers on axis and very close to the mic with them backing off as they get louder. Every layer is different though from whispering up close to off axis yelling. I’d just think about what the goal is for that layer in the mix while you’re recording so you can have the mic set up in a way that makes sense. Also don’t compress too much on the way in!

Think I may have answered your second question over here :slight_smile:

Capture everything as high quality as possible and minimize room noise because sometimes the best takes are the first takes. Avoid stretching where possible. Fades are a nice safety net, but your edits shouldn’t pop without them. Choose the take based on the emotion and tone not tuning or timing. Take your time editing and go in on the details manually - overall processing is useful but should never be used as a shortcut.


Meant to add that I typically use a 1073 and CL1B doing just a tiny bit of compression. Love the wunder audio CM7S- I appreciate its consistency too since we tend to bounce around to lots of studios. SM7b, SM58, C800 or U67 are also in regular favorites!


Been doing a lot of sm7b related research lately. Can you think of any songs you’ve worked on where it was the lead vocal mic?

AINTH Live. Since it’s so directional, I’d use it for writing a lot when we have the speakers on (which sometimes partially makes it to the final recording) or in more of a live setting.