Vocal sound in All I Need To Hear Live

Oli, I really love your work on the All I Need To Hear live performance video. Can you talk about using an sm7b on it and what eq/other processing you used to get the vocals to sound so clear?

Hey Bradley.

Thank you for the kind words! Matty’s vocal is live in the room with the band and there’s a lot of spill from the drum kit onto his mic.

I used RX (music rebalance) to pull the drums down a few dB on the vocal mic - although we wanted to keep a room-heavy kit sound, this let me have a bit more control of the vocal. I do this quite a lot in live album mixes, it can really help.

Chain is SM7b > 1073 and through a tubetech compressor (sorry I dont have a recall for that to hand but it was doing 3/4 dB reduction with a fairly slow attack and quick release).

There’s a bit of an EQ, then UAD LA2a and soothe2. Sends are are a UAD EMT140 and echoboy (thats doing a slap delay). Attaching screenshots for all of these!


Thank you so much for the really detailed response! I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on using the sm7b for these kind of live performance recordings so this is very helpful! How much compression is the La-2a doing? And is there much automation on the vocal?