How to get the most out of NAMM ? Tips for a firs-timer!

Hello everyone!

I’m going to NAMM for the first time and needless to say that I’m really looking forward to it! I was wondering if there were any NAMM veterans out there who could give me advice on the best way to wander and explore. I only have one day and I really want to make the most out of it.

Are there any must-see ? I’m a producer interested in gear, but I’d love to make business and artistic connexions too. Any form of tips would be highly appreciated !

Thank you !


Make sure you bring your walking shoes = since the event is so huge you are going to be doing some serious walking.

Talk to everyone = Get out of your hermit shell and go talk to literally everyone-- you never know who you will make a connection with that could change your life in the future.

Follow up with emails a few weeks later with all of the manufacturers and friends youve made, sometimes they will throw you some free gear! Cheers!


I will be going too - is there a way to connect with the community before going to the event? We could all share our infos and meet in Anaheim.

Hopefully we get to connect all!

If you see a group of 12 or 13 girls on the floor of NAMM… that’s us LOL (SHE-Q Audio from Canada).

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It’s also my first time as well! My goal is very similar to yours. I’m hoping to network with music producers, artists, and artist managers. All the gear is nice, but its not my priority for going. Any other tips from anyone?

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I was thinking maybe we could book a studio session after a day of being at the convention so we can work and connect on music with the community. I have many ongoing projects we could all work on and learn from each other.

Hi Amine! I like this idea, but there is a monetary and logistics concern here.

#1: How much would people be willing to spend to split the studio time (people have already spent good money to go to NAMM)?
#2: How many people are allowed in the studio? There will be alot of industry people at the event, and I’m sure we will be able to have good conversations with multiple artists, producers, songwriters, etc. How would we decide, who goes?
#3: I do like this idea, but I’m not sure on the ROI for this…at least for my goals.

For me (especially my first time), my goal is to expand my connection with industry folks who can potentially help me on the business side of things. I’m only here for one day, so I need to be strategic on how I spend my time. You know there are also events after the convention right? I plan on attending those, and keep networking, and grow my connection. If I were here for multiple days I would’ve loved to partake in this.