Imagine in the mixing

Hi, Tchad. When you mixing, what are you imagining? Stage or room or other location (depends of reverb characteristics?) on the front of you and instruments located horizontal and in depth? Or maybe you are watching under the location, from top to bottom? How do you imagine the sound?

Regards, Vlad.

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Intersting question.
I don’t imagine so much as just respond to the music and the sounds all at once. Then I improvise with the big brush strokes until I’m finished. Then comes the detail work. I try to not let expectations hold me back or block me from experimenting.
I suppose if there’s a picture in my head I see the instruments wrapping around me, close, like a fishbowl with the music coming at me in confrontation and daring me to listen.
Also for me live music or stage music is it’s own thing. The studio is a fantasy where anything goes.


Thank you! And what do you think about panning out the phase? Instruments behind the head.

If it works, great!! Lots of cool stereo widener plugins these days as well.
Nugen Audio
Brainworks Stereo Maker
Wavearts Panorama
Dear VR Binaural


Thank you for answer