Interior room acoustic - max SPL

Do we know if there is a maximum acoustic pressure capacity for a room to ensure its correct response? For example, there is orchestra recording venue with dimensions 19.5m x 12.3m x 6.7m, with almost no reverb and great diffusion properties. Is there a maximum ‘healthy’ SPL before the scoring stage itself begins to be saturated by the SPL created by recorded instruments, causing its own acoustic properties to distort the sound negatively? Additionally, what is the relationship with frequency if such a threshold exists?

To my knowledge there is little change in frequency response or RT60 (and any other time domain characteristics) of a large live room - based on level (within reason. I suppose there is a level where objects might resonate - this would be very loud. What might be happening (and what you might be referring to is the fact that as any audio response gets louder and louder our individual ability for our ear’s to perceive sound will change (re: Fletcher- Munson and similar studies).