Lack of space for isolationa and treatment

Dear John,
Thank you for the availability to answer our questions.

Im facing an issue now cause im building a new studio from scratch here in Portugal and tha space we have is not much to have a perfect isolated and treated rooms.
On our design we need to have the best isolation and treatmentr possible with walss around 35cm depth.

Can you shre your thoughs on whats the best approach to get more eficient isolation and treatment?
We have all the building walls on concrete and the floor as well. Tha maiin issue is taht we have a 3.5m height and right above this we have houses seaprated only by 20cm concrete.

Thank you once again for your help on this

Again, you are asking for a great deal of info. see #1 in this forum. As for height - 3.5 m is not that bad - we have seen less. As for isolation - this does seems to be an issue. 20cm of concrete is not that bad (8" concrete). Do some testing to see what the TL values are. My guess is that mid to high frequencies are possibly ok - Low frequencies might b e an issue. And certainly impact noise. Impact noise is tough, Try to cure this from above directly (i.e. carpet with heaving padding, etc.). If you have to create a decoupled ceiling (i.e. you cannot create any isolation from above) - then a lid celling is preferred - celling that spans from inner (de-coupled) wall to inner (de-coupled)wall - vs. spring loaded. Spring solution is much more complex - expensive - and subject to incorrect installation.

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