J E S S J A C K S O N - You had me at Yamaha SPX90

First, the afternoon of Day 3 of NAMM had to have shifted the earth on it’s axis -

Jaycen Joshua
Shawn Everett
Andrés Torres & Mauricio Rengifo
Jess Jackson

… and I am sure the morning was just as revelatory, I need to go back and watch those.

A few things -

1. To MWTM - though I can be a critic to push things (or nudge em a sample at a time…) what you all did to hound Jess to give in and do his first live session shows how much you all get this industry and what people SHOULD HEAR, not what marketing of products simply wants us all to hear.

2. To everyone - all that pay for MWTM, the value is one thing, the community is another, but it simply also allows for many non paid people to have 4 days of day long immersive training basically live - that is the incredible value back. It is a huge reason why I always pay yearly. Thanks to everyone who complains less than me, and pays to keep this thing going and going.

3. To everyone - JESS JACKSON. Good lord. A vindication and validating gift was that hour. If one seems to think other masters push everyone into the box, this was what you watch when you realize there is an even cooler, funner way, throwback way, to go about everything! The limits now of efficiency is a mute button point. Watch this session. I am bias as I simply believe hybrid gets you to the end game using modern tools faster better funnest.

4. To JESS. That was - incredible man. Simply incredible. Please do more as you wish. But, I am certain the price of SPX-90s went up evening time east coast time yesterday! Mine is for sale for about $2,890 - ha, no it isn’t. Print that sh** back in - nothing like it. Seriously, to witness that session was incredible - your way, is a way. And it helps all of us not willing to move from hybrid. Thank you.

I mean how do you not get inspired listening with Shawn to his work and how he speaks about it all in the context of like well, everything? And sh** I do not care - **I will advertise TGP and the philosophy unpaid forever, thanks @Jaycen_Joshua for always being more open than anything and everyone. Spot on around so many things as edgy as some of it can be heard - thanks for never shifting. And Andres and Mauricio - for all of us that are hybrids are selves and involved in writing and creating and mixing and recording and why. Your work and your work funneled through other mix masters etc. ~ its some of my favorite work ever. Inspiring to see your partnership as it is - this is where MWTM simply shines, this blend of this afternoon session. Thank you all for the time you give like that to everyone in the community.

Takeaways -

  1. don’t go buy SPX-90s until I grab another
  2. buy TGP at full price, it is not lining pockets - it is creating the future of ideas
  3. MWTM - thank them for the tireless efforts
  4. I’ve had too much coffee

Thank you MWTM.

best -

NC USA - hybrid analog mixer, writer, creator