Lead Vocal Reverb

Hey Jaycen
Thanks so much again for everything you do for us and this opportunity!

Do you (or your sound team) ever stack two reverbs on a lead vocal? I know you said too much reverb can make the mix sound washy, but i thought maybe you like a short room (which can be used as an EQ) in combination with a plate or so?
Would you set the predelays different on two combined reverbs?

Please keep doing what you do! we absolutely love it.
Looking forward to Orion!

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Yup absolutely. I like to think of using reverb to achieve a certain purpose - for example, using a dark short reverb to add warmth and low end to a vocal, as opposed to just using reverb to add “space”. We’ll stack multiple reverbs at a time depending on what the record calls for


You have a bunch of vocals effects, it’d be awesome to see each one in the template. Will there be a specific video on that? Jhene Aiko’s The Worst has one of the best delays you’ve done.