Reverb Delay Trick

Dear Jaycen,

Great fan of you and have practically watched every video of yours. My questions are regarding your reverbs. I’ve noticed you very often use an h delay before the reverb (I’m guessing for pre delay), why do you prefer doing this over using the built in pre delay? I’ve also noticed that you often have a chain which goes h delay- reverb- h delay- reverb. I’m guessing the first part of the delay and reverb are for the start of the reverb and the second part is for the tail? Can you explain how you thoroughly figure those settings out. I’m also highly interested in how you achieved the unforgettable reverb (I know you are asked this every day), if you could provide a very thorough detailed explanation! I really want to master my reverbs and never have to look back!

I use it to create an initial delay in case I dont want the reverb set to 100% wet. Usually on these chains I’ll have the delay set to 100% wet, feedback to zero, and then add reverbs and more delays to taste. If I just had instead used the predelay on the reverb track and set the mix to a percentage under 100, I’m going to get phasing.

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Can you give us a common reverb chain you use for a sort of large big sounding reverb? So what settings, which plugins and what mix percentage? Lastly, I see that you use the h delay do you flip the phase on it when using it as a pre delay or only when it’s used as a delay later in the chain? @Jaycen_Joshua