Reverb and Delay

Hi Leslie, love all the work you do!

I was wondering if you could tell us about your current approach to reverb and delay on a vocal. Do you use sidechain compression on the delays, and how do you decide which type of reverb and delay time will work on a vocal? How do you have a long reverb tail on the vocal and have it still feeling upfront and close?

Thanks a bunch,

I typically only use reverbs from the Altiverb. I don’t spend much time going back and forth… I just start trying a few on a particular vocal and go from there. I tend to use the same medium type orchestra rooms every time. I don’t do any side chain compression…ever. Just not my thing. My delay time is usually just 1/8 or 1/4 based on the tempo and feel. usually both reverb and delay are very subtle for me.