Limiters choices and automations

Hi Chris!

Huge fan of your work!
What are your favorite limiters in the box?
Do you usually edit and automate plugin settings?

Thank so much for your help!

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So i have a few favorites and many that i use in certain situations with no rhyme or reason LOL. Really depends on the mix in all circumstances.
Ozone 8 Maximiser (still trying to make 11 replace it but its a workflow issue for me) FabFilter Pro- L 2, DMG Limitless are probably my main 3
AOM Invisible Limiter, TR5 Stealth Limiter and Kevin’s Limiter are 3 others i use quite often. I think it’s important to really get familiar with my plug-ins so my workflow is based on instinct and not guessing. do have more that i randomly try when i’m stuck on getting the right sound.
As far as automation, it’s not something i do a lot . I do edit all the time to make things work. I’ll also tweak some of the settings so i can start at a place i know.
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Thank you so much Chris!!

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