Gain Reduction of compression and limiting

Hi Randy, I have a question about how many dbs of compression and how many dbs on you limiter you use

Thanks heaps for any help, Sid

Hi Sid,

Since the volumes of every mix I receive are different, the amount of compression and limiting I use varies greatly. I do have to say that I lean more on limiting than on compression, so I recommend having a variety of limiters in or arsenal if you’re mastering, so that you can pick the best one for the song.

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Hi Randy,

if you don’t mind, what’s your list of desert island limiters at the moment and where do you see strengths and weaknesses of them?
Thanks in advance!
Take care

Hi Sebastian,

In my opinion, one of the best investments you can make is in having a variety of limiters on hand to choose from as they not only shape the dynamics but also the EQ and stereo field. My regular go-to limiters include the AOM invisible limiter (first version), Fab Filter Pro L2 or L (in transparent or all-around mode), and Izotope Ozone Maximizer (mode depends on the song). These three are used about 70% of the time. A couple others that are great to have include Elevate (because it compresses the low end in a unique way that doesn’t yield as much distortion in instances when other limiters are causing distortion in the low end) and Limitless (when I need even more limiting in the low end).

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