Limiting considerations

Hey Jaycen! I learned that your are leaving the God Particle Limiter on for the mastering. Do you use Lawry Gold for clipping purposes after that limiting?

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Nope I’m currently 100% ITB. Only The God Particle is on my 2bus - any clipping I’m doing is coming at earlier stages


Jaycen, you say you’re 100% ITB today and I believe you, but I always still see that Bricasti remote sitting on your desk and can’t help but wonder if the M7 is an exception. If not, what are you using to replace the Bricasti M7 ITB?

Hi, I’m not Jaycen but I know that you can use either Seventh Heaven Pro or Slate Digital’s VerbSuite Classic’s. Both use Bricasti’s verbs

Hey Esli! Yeah, thanks for sharing. I like those! I’m familiar with all the excellent choices we have for reverbs ITB today, but what I really want to know is, does @Jaycen_Joshua still have and use the M7 because he hasn’t found an plugin that gets the same results.

It’s there for clients that want to use it, but I still am fully in the box. Even recalling settings from a unit as great as that still takes time