Have you tried replicating your original mix bus different compression options?

Hi Michael!

I was wondering once you went in the box did you ever or have you ever tried replicating your different options once it came to mix bus compression?

For example having instant A/B comparisons: Mixing with the Germaniums, or the Fairchild, or the API, or Neve, etc?

Or are you mainly sticking with the SSL bus compression and the Softube Germanium?


I’m always trying new things across the stereo bus. The SSL/Germs are my default. Depending on the song, I may fire up the God’s Particle, The Oven, The Studer 800, or replace the SSL comp with the townhouse version. Yah, that’s another reason why I love ITB, it’s so easy to experiment and I can automate some of these to only activate on certain sections of the song.